Next Generation Comedy Tour

Ahmed Ahmed presents "The Next Generation Comedy Tour" featuring Sammy Obeid,     Eric Schwartz, Raj Sharma, Vincent Oshana and Tehran Soparvas Ahmed Ahmed, The Father of Middle Eastern Comedy, a headling comedian from the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour and one of the stars of TBS hit "Sullivan and Son", discovered the hottest up and coming stand-up comics on the scene in the trenches of Los Angeles, CA.  Now they are breaking out of Los Angeles to bring their unique brand of comedy to the rest of the nation!  The Next Generation of Comedy crew share the common bond of growing up in immigrant Middle Eastern households as second generation Americans and struggled to break the stereotype of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.  They decided to chase their dreams and share their stories through comedy.  The Next Generation of Comedy are young, good looking, clever and don't need an MD or Law Degree to prove it (though most of them have a four year degree!) - just their sharp wit and engaging performances.  Don't miss your chance to catch these talented commedians together on stage and presented by Ahmed Ahmed for a special night of groundbreaking comedy!

Past events

Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 8:00 pm
Michael A. Guido Theater