ReMARKable Productions presents "I Can't Make You Love Me" The Stage Play

"I Can't Make You Love Me" follows the lives of two couples...Mitch and his girlfriend Kita. They are in a five year relationship and marriage is nowhere in sight. Kita has given Mitch her all and he has done nothing in return. Mitch suffers terribly of past hurt from a previous marriage that has made him bitter, to say the least. He really wants out but doesn't know how. Valentines's Day will never be the same when Kita's no nonsense Aunt Bernadette (BURN-A-DEBT) comes in town and changes everything. And then there is Byron, a hard working man who is madly in love with his corporate wife Megan who would rather pay Louis Vutton instead of the bills. Her pursuit for the finer things in life has put her marriage on the back burner! Byron loves her but gets fed up and wants to leave the marriage. Even he has to honor one of his ultimate vows...Til death do us part. The ones who suffer in these relationships soon realize that..."I Can't Make You Love Me."


Past events

Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm
Michael A. Guido Theater