"We is American"

Presented by AJYAL Theatrical Group

When Im Hussein and Abou Hussein, her husband of 40 years, finally become American citizens, they resolve to blend into their new culture.  Abou Hussein updates his wardrobe and decides to live like any American male and to make himself attractive to the opposite sex.  After all, being an American male means having a female "side dish".  Meanwhile, Im Hussein is too busy to immediately notice what is going on under her nose, because she insists on blending into mainstream American herself.  That means learning the new language and culture, as well as learning to drive in order to own her first car, and enjoying the pleasure of shopping and spending money on credit cards.  She became a power shopper, true to the finest American female traditions.  Along the way, the paths of this popular husband and wife duo are littered with complications, language mix-ups, and hilarious adjustments to American customs.  Receiving U.S. citizenship takes on entirely new comedy dimensions with "We is American."  Performance is entirely in Arabic.

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Past events

March 23, 2013 at 8:00 pm
Michael A. Guido Theater
Reserved Seating